Dumfries and Galloway has spectacular pike but nothing in recent years has matched the "Loch Ken Monster" . Pikers interested in a pilgrimage can visit the Kells churchyard, north of New Galloway, where near the eastern wall you will find a tombstone in memory of John Murray who died January 3rd, 1777. The relief has a gun, fishing rod, dog and partridge carved on it. John Murray , the gamekeeper for Sir John Gordon of Kenmure, is famed for having caught the "Loch Ken Monster", the largest pike on record in Loch Ken weighing 72lbs and measuring seven feet in length.

The pike caught in this region are smaller today but fish over 20 lbs are still regularily caught. In November 2005 Alan McFayden from Kirkcudbright caught Scotlands biggest catch of recent years in Milton Loch - an impressive 41 lbs.

Auchenreoch Loch also broke its own record last year when one of our residents landed a catch of just over 24lb

December 2001: Tartan Pike Trek

Hi there Pikers,
My son Walker and I have just returned from a very cold weekend piking in the Dumfries & Galloway region of Scotland. We fished a different loch on each day. Saturday we fished on the roadside stretch of Auchenreoch Loch. Fishing four rods using deadbaits we had a total of eleven runs throughout the day resulting in eight fish to 14lbs All the takes came to herring and mackerel seafish baits. The beauty of fishing on this water is that there's a motel on its shore and hot meals can be had throughout the day and we benefited from this luxury. Usually it's a rough cook up on the bank! It was cold at night and I expected a freeze up the following dawn as we drove to our next destination Milton Loch a couple of miles away from the former venue. I had first fished this loch in the early 70's and it pleasant to return there from time to time. Again float legering deadbaits from the tree lined shore saw us get runs steadily throughout the day. We ended up having about fifteen or sixteen runs in flat calm conditions. Sardines, herring and the ever faithful mackerel produced nine pike with two of them going into double figures. This is a pretty big loch and I intend putting a boat onto the place very soon to try out the deep holes at the distant end of this loch as no doubt that is the best holding area in the place for big fish. I'll let you know.

Good fishing, Gordie, The Piking Pirate.
Gordon "Gordie" Burton - Angling Consultant, Guide and Correspondent Writer
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Fishing Tariff for Auchenreoch Loch Own Boat (fishing inclusive) Boat Hire (based on 2 people)
5.00 per day 15.00 per day 39.00 per day inc fuel and lifejackets